Minnesota Fiddlers

Winners at Big Lake Spud Fest 2015 Smity’s Amateur Fiddlers’ Contest.        June 28, 2015

Beginners do not compete against each other.  It is just a chance for them to get up and perform in front of an audience.  They can be any age.  This year we had one beginner – Savannah Pedersen from Monticello. She was given a certificate of appreciation for participating. 


            1st Place – Karl Pederson from Elk River
            2nd Place – Ryan Srichai from Minneapolis
            3rd Place – Megan Smith from Monticello

Young Adult
        1st Place – Calista Hanninen from Shakopee
        2nd Place – Abigail Inlow from River Falls, Wi
        3rd Place – Emma Peterson from Rogers

         1st Place – Kevan Soderberg from South Dakota
         2nd Place – Mary Pat Kleven from Cannon Falls
         3rd Place – Tim Wankel from Champlin

         1st Place – Frances Mendenhall from Minneapolis
         2nd Place – Cynthia Larsen from Akeley
         3rd Place – Jan Sabraski from Dayton

2015 Contest Season Photographs