Minnesota Fiddlers


1st - Georgia Rae Mussared
2nd - Claire Sayers
3rd - Olivia Skaja
4th - Abigail Inlow
5th - Paquita Ray
6th - Kelsey Erickson

Trick Fiddling

1st - Olivia Skaja
2nd - Holly Reyner

Twin Fiddling

1st - Claire Sayers and Olivia Skaja
2nd - Paquita Ray and Lee Cowan

click here to see Lee Cowan and Paquita Ray playing "Bully of the Town"

Accompanist: Gilmore Lee

Judges: Mike Hildebrandt, Loy Larson, Jim Price

Emcee: Emery Kleven

Adult (26+)

3rd - Lee Cowan
4th - Carla Manning

Junior (13 & Under)

1st - Nate Jacobson
2nd - Fiona Mundy
3rd - Chloe West
4th - Adeline Longtine
5th - Ryan Sricha
6th - Julian Riemer
7th - Tristan Quibell

2016 State Fair Photos

Heritage Division

1st - Brian Stewart
2nd (tie) - Holly Reyner and Walter Sigtermans

Adult (26+)

1st - Andrew Renneker
2nd - Walter Sigtermans


1st - George Roberts
2nd (tie)- Holly Reyner and Olivia Skaja

Young Adult (14-25)

1st - Holly Reyner
2nd - Calista Hanninen
3rd - Elizabeth Smude
4th - Gabrielle Koepke