Minnesota Fiddlers

Many thanks to the accompaniests: Eric Platt, Lynn Boergerhoff and Tom Weisgerber.

Open Division

1st Place: Alita Weisgerber
2nd Place: Tom Wegerber
3rd Place: Mary Pat Kleven

2017 Contest Season Photographs

Adult Division

1st Place: Walter Sigtermans
2nd Place: Kevin Soderberg

Pee Wee - ages 9 and under (Right to Left)
1st    Tessa Duncan
2nd  Julian Riemer
3rd   Annelyse Preston
4th   Esther Sieg
5th   Honora Mundy
6th   Mary Kate Bauer

Junior - ages 10 - 15  (Right to Left)
1st    Molly Sutliff
2nd  Fiona Mundy
3rd   Matthew Waters
4th   Martine Redshaw
5th   Heidi Pryor
6th   Abigail Carey

Junior Division

1st Place: Laura Hunt
2nd Place: Isaac DeMaster
3rd Place: Isabelle Stiles

Adults - ages 16 and over (Right to Left)
1st    Sara Shealy
2nd  Claire Sayers
3rd   Abigail Inlow
4th   Michelle Opseth

Trick and Fancy (Left to Right)
1st    Sara Shealy
2nd  Olya Wright
3rd   Martine Redshaw

Laura Days "Old Tyme Fiddle Contest" Winners - 2017

June 25, 2017 - Smity’s Amateur Fiddlers’ Contest

The Big Lake Lioness Club and SpudFest committee want to thank all the fiddlers who participated in this years contest. We also thank all the families who come with them. Special thanks to Gilmore Lee for playing accompanist guitar for the fiddlers who wanted or needed it. We send a big thank you to Michelle Stein from Monticello and Becky Hoover from Big Lake who served as judges. SpudFest will be putting out the list of winners on their website (www.biglakespudfest.com) for this year as soon as they can. If any of you fiddlers/family members have any new ideas on what you would like us to try, please give me a call at 763-263-2218 or send me an emailat:nfldml@live.com

1stPlace: Marcus Conry,Duluth, MN
2ndPlace: Abigail Carey, Farmington, MN
3rdPlace: Elias O'Brian, St.Paul, MN

1stPlace: Holly Reynor, Independence, IA
2ndPlace: Abigail Inlow, RiverFalls, WI
3rdPlace: Emma Peterson, Rogers, MN

1stPlace: Paquita Ray, Delano, MN
2ndPlace: Carla Manning, Blaine, MN
3rdPlace: Tim Wankel, Champlin, MN

1stPlace: MaryPat Kleven, CannonFalls, MN
2ndPlace: Lee Cowan, OakGrove, MN
3rdPlace: Jan Sabraski, Dayton, MN

Dakota County Fair Fiddle Contest - Aug 13, 2017

Laura Days Jam session

Young Adult Division

1st Place: Abigail Inlow
2nd Place: Lexi Schwartz