Minnesota Fiddlers

2018 Contest Season Photographs

Dakota County Fair results - 2018

Maesey Morrison    1st
Abigail Carey          2nd
Isaac DeMaster      3rd
Noah Cochran        4th

Young Adults
Abigail Inlow           1st
James Cavanaugh  2nd
Chloe West             3rd
Laura Hunt
Lexie Schwartz

Walter Sigtermans  1st
Kevin Soderberg     2nd
Randy Hinzmann    3rd

Alita Weisgerber  1st
Tom Weisgerber  2nd
Mary Pat Kleven   3rd
Frances Mendenhall

Accompanists: Eric Platt and Tom Weisgerber

Thanks to Art Rew for the photography

Mountain Iron results - 2018

Olivia Skaja, Deer River, MN - 1st place
Madison Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ - 2nd place
Tom Weisgerber, St. Peter, MN - 3rd place
Abigail Inlow, River Falls, WI - 4th place
Alec Ratz, Slate River, Ontario - 5th place

Junior-Junior age 12 and under
Sawyer Corcoran, Pinewood, MN - 1st place
Elias O'Brien, St. Paul, MN - 2nd place
Ranelle Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ - 3rd place
Brie Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ - 4th place

Junior age 13-29
Eva Seabrook, Thunder Bay, Ontario - 1st place
Aaron Wilcox, Duluth, MN - 2nd place
Carolyn Albanese, Thunder Bay, Ontario - 3rd place
Andrew Wilcox, Mountain Iron, MN - 4th place

Senior age 50-70
Sheila Wilcox, Mountain Iron, MN - 1st place

Sawyer Corcoran,Pinewood, MN - 1st place
Olivia Skaja, Deer River, MN - 2nd place

Twin Fiddling
Madison and Ranelle Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ - 1st place
Carolyn Albanese and Eva Seabrook, Thunder Bay, Ontario - 2nd place

"Old Tyme Fiddle Contest" at Laura Days, Pepin, Wisconsin September 8th, 2018

Ages 9 and under
1st - Annelyse Preston, Eleva, WI
2nd - Isabella Muyres, Stillwater, MN
3rd - Ruth Shealy, Woodbury, MN
4th - Greta Lisowski, Chippewa Falls, WI and Audrey Nye, Chicago, IL
5th - River Muggli, St Louis Park, MN
6th - Rowan Muggli, St. Louis Park, MN

Ages 10-15
1st - Martine Redshaw, Hovland, MN
2nd - Olya Wright, Grand Marais, MN
3rd - Elias O'Brien, St. Paul, MN
4th - Abigail Carey, Farmington, MN
5th - Julian Riemer, Belle Plain, MN
6th - Heidi Pryor, Albert Lea, MN

Ages 16-29
1st - Abigail Inlow, River Falls, WI
2nd - Tessa Hubbard, Colfax, WI
3rd - Beatris Romo, Wilson, WI

Ages 30 and up
1st - Brandon Lawhead
2nd - Abigail Livingston
3rd - Randy Hinzmann

Trick and Fancy
1st - Abigail Inlow
2nd - Olya Wright

Smity's Spud Fest Fiddle Contest - 2018

   Ansley DaWine from PA 

    Daniel Voeller, Garden Ridge, TX  -  1st place (1st year in contest)
    Elias O’Brien, St. Paul, MN – 2nd place
    Abigail Carey, Farmington, Mn – 3rd place

Young Adults:
    Emily Voeller, Garden Ridge, TX  -  1st place
    Abigail Inlow, River Falls, WI - 2nd place
    Holly Reyner, Independence, IA  -  3rd place
    Ellie & Elsie Anselment (performing cello and bass), Big Lake, MN
    Bailey Carey, Farmington, MN
    Emma Peterson, Rogers, MN
    Sadie Robb, Fall Creek, WI  (1st year in contest)

    Hailey Schilla, Orefield, PA – 1st place
(competed in Smity's in 2010 – 2013 before moving out east.)
    Walter Sigtermans, Apple Valley, MN – 2nd place
    Scott Gamble, Delano, MN – 3rd place (1st year in contest)
    Carla Manning, Blaine, MN
    Jeanette Ruff, Sauk Rapids, MN (1st year in contest)
    Kevan Soderberg, Madison, SD

    Tim Wankel, Champlin, MN  -  1st place
    Jan Sabraski, Dayton, MN  -  2nd place

Many thanks to Gilmore Lee for accompanying many of the players