Minnesota Fiddlers

2019 Contest Season Photographs

Winners for the Fiddlers Contest April 13, 2019
Held at the Pillager School and sponsored by Cass County Ag Society, Pillager Fair Board

Age Group 7-13
1st Place – Nikole Thorson,  Brainerd MN
2nd Place – Sam Smith, Fargo ND
3rd Place – Abigail Carey, Farmington MN

Age Group 14-19
1st Place – Sara Smith, Fargo ND
2nd Place – Natalie Thorson, Brainerd MN
3rd Place – Mariangely Linder, Northfield MN

Age Group 36-63
1st Place – Mary Pat Kleven, Cannon Falls MN
2nd Place – Walter Sigtermans, Apply Valley, MN

 Age Group 64-74
1st Place – Frances Mendenhall, Minneapolis MN
2nd Place – Cynthia Larsen, Akely MN
3rd Place – Harold Hines, Pillager MN

Age Group 75+
1st Place – Gilmore Lee, Maple Plain, MN
2nd Place – Lee Cowan, Oak Grove MN
Fiddler of the Year:
Sara Smith, Fargo ND

Many thanks to Gilmore Lee, Charlie Knuth, Lloyd LaPlant, and Arnie Anderson for accompanying the players

TheBig Lake (SpudFest) Fiddle Contest - Big Lake, MN - June 30, 2019

Junior Division:​

Ainsley DeWein from Pennsylvania, 1st place (2nd year in contest)
Thea Roberts from Big Lake, MN – 2nd place (1st time in contest)
Rylee O’Konek from South Haven, MN – 3rd place (1st time in contest)
Madelyn Schroeder from St. Cloud, MN – (1st time in contest)
Rowan Muggli from St. Louis Park, MN – (1st time in contest)
River Muggli from St. Louis Park, MN – (1st time in contest)

Young Adult Division:​
Elias O’Brien from St. Paul, MN - 1st place

Adult Division:
Kelsey Erickson from Menomonie, WI – 1st place (1st time in contest)
Pamela Longtine from Chaska, MN – 2nd place (1st time in contest)
Walter Sigtermans, Apple Valley, MN – 3rd place
Jason Busniewski, Wauwatosa, WI – (1st time in contest)
Johnna Lawrence, Cedar, MN (1st time in contest)
Mike Sawyer, St. Paul, MN (1st time in contest)

​Golden Division:

​Mary Pat Kleven from Cannon Falls, MN – 1st place
Lee Cowan from Oak Grove, MN – 2nd place
Frances Mendenhall from Mpls, MN – 3rd place

Many Thanks to our accompanists: Gilmore Lee and Charlie Knuth