Minnesota Fiddlers

This book contains the following tunes:

Amundson's Mazurka
Andrew Wick's Old C Waltz  
Andrew Wick's Schottische in D  
Arlan Erickson's Schottische in F
The Crow Country Waltz 
The Flolo Waltz – original and first position version
From Hallingdal to Minnesota – original and first position versions
The Hansen Schottische
Henry Sagedahl's Schottische
The Henschien Lake Schottische
Herbert Erickson's Polka
Logger's Breakdown  (Polka After Andrew Wick)
Mazurka after Carl Amundson
Mazurka after Oliver Sagedahl – original and first position versions
Minnesota Valsen – original and violin/violin twin versions
The Norway Lake Schottische
Olaus Jorgenson's Vals
Old Benjamin
Old Norwegian Waltz – original and first position versions
Old Round Waltz from Hallingdal
Ole's Polka
Ole’s Waltz
Polka After Gilbert Rime
Polka Pedersen's Polka
Ragnild Paaverud Waltz
Round Polka
The Sagedahl Waltz – original and first position versions
Schottische After Andrew Wick
The Snuff Polka
Springar After Kolbien Ornes
Waltz After Cliff Gandrud
Waltz After Cliff Hanson
Waltz After Herbert Erickson
Waltz from Fla, Hallingdal
Waltz from Hallingdal After Edward Wick

If you are looking for some authentic Minnesota Fiddle Tunes - Tunes which have been played in Minnesota fiddle contests and early 20th century barn dances... Look no further!

Elmo Wick Fiddle Tune Book

Work has also begun on Elmo Wick Volume 2 - these are tunes which were not included in the original art grant.  We are hoping to have MFSA members learn and record themselves playing these tunes.  Follow the button below to navigate to a google drive with mp3 files and pdfs.   Contact waltsigtermans@hotmail.com if you want to learn and record any of the tunes available.