Minnesota Fiddlers

What's the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

The strings of a violin are strung with cat-gut.

On a fiddle they use the whole cat!

Some links to recent Contest performances:

Click here to see John Wallace performing Arkansas Traveler at the Pillager Fiddle Contest 2012.

Click here to see Gilmore Lee performing Rose of Sharon Waltz at Pillager Fiddle Contest 2012.‚Äč

Click here to see Lee Cowen performing Highway Polka at Pillager Fiddle Contest 2012 

MN State fiddle contest held in Olivia, Minnesota, in 1975
Back row: Rudy Darling, Mary DuShane, Carol Sue Price

The boy in the front row is Bruce Hoffman

(Bruce is now a full-time fiddler in Branson)

Bruce Hoffman's dad, Ed Hoffman on his left, Wayne Kreidler is behind Ed.

Also present in the photograph is Laurier Birginal,  Jarle Foss, Harris Amundsen, Chester Olson and Art "Tiny" Bosteder.

1925 Lansboro Fiddle Contest

Fiddle Contests

Contests are a form of performance joined with a learning experience.
Its good to win, but contests are also a great way to learn to perform before a crowd, meet other players and pick-up some new tunes.